not mine, part two

part of the series fallow time: dispatches from a field suspended

i’ve been making haiku out of other people’s utterances. find the first part here.

this time, one from me:

grief that overwhelms
creative capacity
cracks open seedlings

and eight more from my friends:

pressure seems to bind us
gobbling up chunks of land here
crumble it to dust

mission to disrupt
places where disparate things
been invisible

it’s natural stuff
harm of my ancestral line
for 1000 years

they finally bloom
and do shitloads of damage
by outside people

it’s a destroyer
wait for something else to grow
not who lives here now

our increased presence
suspicious of white people
where we put this place

edge of the city
kernal of an idea
freaking racist sign

change your narrative
this system of apartheid
it’s unbuildable